Makhamku, Nikhom Pattana
Rayong, 21180

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Makhamku, Nikhom Pattana
Rayong, 21180

Khon Kaen

6M Nova : 6mx3.2mx1.3m

This 6mx3.2mx1.3m Pool was started Wednesday Morning on the 3rd March 2021.

The Team took great care to keep a clean tidy Jobsite and keep mess to a minimum.

Wednesday they excavated the hole and removed the soil away from the site.In the afternoon placed the sand and  leveled the base waiting for the Pool to be delivered the next day.

Thursday morning the Pool and Equipment arrived on-site. The Pool was placed in the hole and leveled up ready for filling and sand and cement backfill around the sides. By Thursday Afternoon or the second day, The Pool was full of water and backfilled ready for the next day, piping run to the Concrete Slab for the Pump and Filter.

Friday Pump Filter and Chlorinator connected up and running and Formwork done around the Pool ready for Concrete Bondbeam

Saturday, Concrete Bondbeam done with steel re in forcing ,a nice job ready for Tiling, Pool cleaned , Water clearing nearing Completion Tiling started late Saturday Afternoon
Sunday Tiling done ,job Completed ,Customer shown How to Maintain the Pool.

Customers very Happy
A great job 5 days from Start to Finish
Great Pool,Great Team ,Great Job

Rick in Kon Kaen

6 mx3.2 mx.3 m Nova delivered and Installed for Rick at kon kaen started Wednesday finished Sunday
Another very happy Bermuda Pools Customer
Rick at Kon kaen